Lawn Care Services

We will develop and maintain a weekly or bi-weekly routine and service plan for your lawn care maintenance. Additional services will be available upon request. 

Mow and edge.
Weed control & fertilizer



Landscaping Services

Landscaping services are based on a project basis.

Create a flagstone pathway to your existing pool.
Tree trim or removal


Add rock border to a flower bed.


Replace sod
Add plants to decorative planters


Pool Care Services

We will develop a routine for your pool care services. Minor repairs are done after your approval.

Each team will have a Certified Pool Operator to check water balance and will add chemicals when necessary.

Weekly Full Service includes:

  • Weekly testing of pool chemicals
  • Balance & treat the water as needed
  • Brush the spa and all pool surfaces as needed
  • Empty all skimmer and pump baskets
  • Empty pool cleaner bag
  • Skim the water surface to remove debris as well as removing debris from pool floor
  • Vacuum if needed
  • Check the water level
  • Visually inspect the pool equipment and report problems
  • Filter pressure check and two free filter cleans per year

Pest Control Services

Residential Services

Inside the home we offer quarterly preventive maintenance around the interior and exterior wall of your single family dwelling.

Outside the home we offer lawn & landscape area spraying for pest and preemptive weed control and fertilizing.

Termite services are not offered.